Sacrament of Marriage

Marriage Preparation

A couple – man and woman – who wish to enter marriage in the Catholic Church must be free of any prior bond of marriage. At least one of the couple must be Catholic. The Cathedral Basilica Parish requires one year’s notice of marriage in order to complete the necessary steps of marriage preparation.

Couples who are members of the Cathedral Basilica Parish may complete the application form below and contact our parish office (905) 522-5744 to arrange an appointment with the Rector to discuss their plans. It is best to submit the application with recently issued Baptism Certificate(s) for the Catholic parties to the marriage.

The Cathedral Basilica is home to all Catholics in the Diocese of Hamilton, you may freely approach the Rector of the Cathedral Basilica to request the celebration of Marriage here.  Please know that first priority is given to couples who are members of our Parish and regularly attend Sunday Mass here.  Arrangements for marriage are made only during a personal meeting with the bride & groom and the Rector.  If you reside outside the greater Hamilton area, the Rector of the Cathedral Basilica may request the assistance of your Parish Priest with marriage preparation as a convenience for the couple.   Please be advised that you will be asked to abide by all the practices of the Cathedral Basilica regarding the celebration of marriage.

Couples where neither person is Catholic may not be married at the Cathedral Basilica.

Arrangements for the celebration of matrimony are made only with the bride and the groom.

Please read the guidelines for marriage and complete the application for marriage.

Application for Marriage